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Netflix will expand its original programming to include documentaries and stand-up specials, maybe some wrasslin' or cooking shows

During a Google Hangout sesh—that's what cool corporations call video conferences now—Netflix honcho Reed Hastings didn't rule out the possibility that the streaming behemoth would expand its original offerings into features, news, and talk programming. (He also didn't rule out professional-wrestling specials or cooking shows, because he didn't rule out anything.) This is in addition to the recent news in a company shareholder letter that "we will be expanding our Originals initiative to include broadly appealing feature documentaries and stand-up comedy specials." That long, involved statement is actually a pretty interesting read; Netflix has "nearly" 30 million U.S. users, and would like to do more Arrested Development. ("We’d be delighted to produce a fifth season of Arrested Development, if possible, given fan reaction.") This all seems like great news for TV fans, since Netflix has already proven itself with House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black; the company seems to have the cash, the reach, and the taste to force TV's next big leap. (And the good sense to abandon bad ideas qwiksly, err, quickly.) The bold shareholder statement summary: "We are thrilled to be pleasing more members than ever. The world is moving from linear TV to Internet TV and Netflix is leading that evolution." [h/t to Deadline]

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