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Photo: Stuart Hendry (Netflix)

At a media conference in Mumbai this week (via Variety), Netflix’s vice president of product Todd Yellin teased that the success of Bandersnatch has convinced the company to move forward with more choose-your-own-adventure content—though not Choose Your Own Adventure content, because Netflix is already getting sued about that. Yellin says the company is “doubling down” on “interactive storytelling” like Bandersnatch, but it “won’t necessarily be science fiction” or “dark” like that Black Mirror thing was. Instead, he says Netflix could do a “wacky comedy” or a romance where the audience gets to choose if a character should go out with a specific guy or not.

Hopefully, though, these ideas break from the format of the average choose-your-own-adventure story, since they typically end with an avalanche or a shark attack. It would really put a damper on a romance if the protagonist ends up getting eaten by a shark. Also, choosing which funny thing happens to someone in a wacky comedy sounds like wacky comedy poison.


Select Option A for the football to hit him in the face.
Select Option B for the football to hit him in the butt.
Select Option C to cut away to a cute dog covering its eyes.
Select Option D for a shark attack.

Actually, that does sound funny.

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