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Netflix to stream every single episode ever of Saturday Night Live

Netflix has reached a deal with NBC to add every single episode of Saturday Night Live ever broadcast to its Watch Instantly queue, with new episodes being added the day after they air for the next three years. That’s every episode of every season, so if you’re one of those people who are like, “Saturday Night Live hasn’t been funny since ______,” well, you can now live expressly in the past that you cling to so tenaciously. And for those looking for a particular sketch—like when I was writing this Newswire blurb the other day, and I really, really wanted to find a clip of Jon Lovitz playing Harvey Fierstein asking people if they could love him as a “gay bee,” just because I thought it would be funny for some reason—now you’ll be able to do that just by logging into Netflix. For those who couldn’t give less of a shit about SNL, the deal also includes every episode of The Office, 30 Rock, Battlestar Galactica, Law And Order: SVU, Friday Night Lights, Psych, Monk, and Eureka. Surely there’s something in there you like, right? If not, it's possible that you simply don't like television, in which case shouldn't you be nose-deep in a volume of Chaucer or something? [SplitSider via Movieline]


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