Earlier this year, Netflix pulled a bit of a coup when it landed Chelsea Handler and promised that—in the distant future that is 2016—she’d adapt her skills as a late-night host to a show built for the streaming service. In advance of that, Netflix announced that Handler would bring an hour-long special to the network this October, based on her travel book Uganda Be Kidding Me. And now Netflix has announced that its upcoming roster of comedy specials is no longer focused solely on Handler-centric content; rather, it will debut four new comedy specials from four separate comedians by year’s end.

Of those four specials Netflix has secured—which include Bill Burr’s I’m Sorry You Feel That Way, Chelsea Peretti’s One Of The Greats, and Jim Jefferies’ Bare—the one with the highest profile is Bill Cosby’s 77, recorded live on his 77th birthday. Coming only a year after after Far From Finished, which was Cosby’s first televised comedy special in 30 years, 77 will be released on Friday, November 28, just after midnight. The rest of Netflix’s slate will see a similar release plan, dropping just after midnight on various Fridays throughout the year, allowing people all the joy of staying up late to watch something right at launch, only to fall asleep seconds after the title card.