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Netflix to make sexy psychological thriller, amount of sex undetermined

Helen Hunt and John Hawkes in The Sessions

It seems Netflix might be longing for the old days, when its infant streaming service was forced to rely on things like foreign softcore to pad its content. (Not that you can’t still delve into the ambiguously titillating “steamy romantic movies” section, should you so choose.) (You should not choose.) The online content provider has announced it ordered a 10-episode season of Gypsy, a new psychological thriller, from writer and executive producer Lisa Rubin.

In addition to bumming out Rosalind Russell superfans fooled into thinking one of their favorite movies joined Netflix’s lineup, the series will follow Jean Holloway, “a therapist who begins to develop dangerous and intimate relationships with the people in her patients’ lives.” While we immediately became hopeful this would be a sequel to the decidedly unsexy sex-therapy movie The Sessions—Sessions 2: Gypsy—“What happens when a sex therapist stops being polite and starts getting real?”—the “thriller” angle suggests it will be more interested in the kind of goings-on that happen late at night on Cinemax. Rubin has a full plate, with this project joining her in-development adaptations of the novels I Was Here for New Line and Food Whore for Dreamworks. The series will debut sometime in 2017.


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