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Netflix to finally embrace chaos in the form of a "random episode" feature

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Mimicking so many aspects of modern human existence—in which we all typically just sort of pretend to grapple with rising complexity and choices for a few minutes, before throwing up our hands and letting the chaos decide for us—Netflix is reportedly testing out a couple of new features that would inject a little randomness into our streaming video experience. Per The Wrap, the online giant has begun investigating both a “random show” and a “random episode” option for viewers to let go and let god with, gently brushing away one last vestige of critical thought or curation in our busy “keep the TV coming so the thinking stays away” styles of lives.

Netflix is still being cagey about some of the details of this trial program—it’s not clear, for instance if the random show option will draw only from your playlists, or from, like, all shows ever, which would be nuts—but we can definitely see the appeal. You might not want to haphazardly skip all over Breaking Bad, sure, but if you’re in the mood for some unfocused positivity, rolling the dice on an episode of Queer Eye probably wouldn’t steer you wrong. Just be careful about which situations you deploy this particular new tool in; we can imagine some pretty grim scenarios of Netflix N’ Chills gone disastrously wrong when the worst possible video decides to shuffle in.


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