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Netflix to ensure you’re always watching with downloadable content

Gilmore Girls (Photo: Netflix)

Earlier in the year we noted that Netflix was planning to instate a system that would allow users to download content to watch when not tethered to an internet connection. Now that update is here, the company announced today. It’s a simple feature that’s available on Android and iOS phones and tablets. Just get on WiFi, press a button, and voilà, the content begins downloading. Here’s a handy graphic from Netflix, using The Crown as an example.

The offerings don’t just consist of original series, though many of those are featured. Users can also grab episodes of shows like 30 Rock or movies like Love Actually, the latter of which is perfect for the season. According to Netflix, other offerings are also “on the way.” The feature helps the streaming giant catch up to competitor Amazon Prime Video, which already offers something similar.


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