You know your one tech-geek friend who loves to rhapsodize over the way video stores will be obsolete once streaming movie and TV libraries became available? Right now they're popping a huge nerd boner over the fact that Netflix just announced its plans to develop a set-top box with LG Electronics, which will allow subscribers to stream movies directly from the Web to their television screens. It's likely that the receiver will be embedded into LG's DVD players first, although Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings confirmed he is also "exploring partnerships with makers of Internet-connected game consoles, cable, and satellite companies," which should bring us ever closer to the all-in-one "box" we've been dreaming about ever since we realized that outer space is boring. Your other friend, the one who's only suited for dispensing sarcastic quips from behind the counter at the Video Hut, better start looking for a new job. (Unfortunately we're already fully staffed here.)