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Netflix to debut David Fincher's House Of Cards in one big lump in February

Illustration for article titled Netflix to debut David Finchers emHouse Of Cards/em in one big lump in February

Though it's been, predictably, somewhat overshadowed by the return of Arrested Development, Netflix has another, previously-even-bigger-of-a-deal original series debuting next year. The David Fincher-produced, Kevin Spacey-starring House Of Cards now has the premiere date of February 1, its entire 13-episode first season debuting in one giant, instantly accessible lump, as is Netflix's wont. In addition to the Fincher-helmed first two episodes, the series (based on the BBC drama of the same name) features directing from people like Glengarry Glen Ross' James Foley, Hollywoodland's Allen Coulter, The Good Wife's Charles McDougall, Devil In A Blue Dress' Carl Franklin, and Joel Schumacher, who will no doubt outfit Spacey's majority whip within the House of Representatives with rubber nipples and possibly an actual whip. Anyway, House Of Cards already has its second season guaranteed but you still have plenty of time to watch the first one, so you don't have to shotgun them all in one sitting. Unless you want to be cool. Do you want to be cool?


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