Luke Cage

Offering up a treat for anyone who’s already burned their way through all 13 new episodes of Daredevil and are somehow still hungry for more bad guy-punching action, Netflix has hidden something at the end of the show’s second, Punisher-battling season: the first teaser trailer for its next Marvel Studios series, Luke Cage. The 24-second clip features some random mooks opening fire on Mike Colter’s soft-spoken, hard-hitting Hero For Hire, suggesting that New York’s criminal community has yet to learn that they should probably just stop trying to shoot Luke Cage.

Beyond this basic piece of evildoing etiquette, the promo (which Netflix subscribers can view right here) doesn’t tell us much about the character’s post-Jessica Jones trajectory: There’s a gym, some bad guys, and a little bit of Nas on the soundtrack, but no hint of co-stars Alfre Woodard or Mahershala Ali. Still, Jones and Daredevil didn’t offer up much more than a hint of tone in their initial trailers, either, and that worked out pretty well. In any case, it seems prudent to keep our critical guns in their holsters until Luke Cage debuts on September 30.