Shin Godzilla

Back in August, Japan‚Äôs Toho film studio realized that it had somehow never created a Godzilla anime, and immediately went to work righting that wrong. We still don‚Äôt know much of anything about the project other than that it does seem to be a movie and not a TV show, but now ScreenRant is reporting that Netflix has picked up the film‚Äôs international distribution rights. The Godzilla anime will get an initial theatrical run in Japan‚ÄĒpresumably so it can sweep the Japanese Academy Prize‚Äôs annual award ceremony‚ÄĒand then it will be heading to Netflix subscribers worldwide.

The film is coming from anime studio Polygon Pictures, which tends to specialize in CG-based stuff like Knights Of Sidonia, one of Netflix’s previous forays into the world of anime. The initial announcement also came with some very sci-fi-looking concept art, which you can see below. Based on the art, this will probably use the freedom of animation to tell a more futuristic Godzilla story than we usually get.