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Netflix slims down by dropping Insatiable after 2 seasons

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Hey, did you hear the story about about a young woman who was bullied in high school because of her weight, then exacts her revenge years later by getting thin and joining the pageant circuit? How about the tale of the misguided TV execs who thought stuffing Debby Ryan into a fat suit was a good idea to begin with? Netflix pegged Insatiable as a “dark, twisted revenge comedy,” but critics largely dismissed it as a tasteless waste of time—including us. After two seasons and no signs of getting better anytime soon, Netflix has decided to drop Insatiable for good, Deadline reports. Co-star Alyssa Milano apparently confirmed the cancellation ten days ago with very little fanfare while responding to a Twitter user’s inquiry about the show’s future. “We will not be coming back, sadly,” Milano informed them. She gave no further details surround Netflix’s decision. Neither the streaming network nor the show’s creative team have released any statements on the matter.

Prior to its premiere, Insatiable and creator Lauren Gussis garnered serious controversy after being accused of body-shaming and fatphobia. The show was originally shopped to CW in 2017. The network ultimately passed and Netflix, bless its heart, took it on as their latest rescue-a-pilot project. After gaining inexplicably strong streaming numbers per Netflix (a metric we will never see, we guess), the comedy managed to earn a second season. Insatiable is the latest in a string of cancelled former broadcast programs, joining the likes of Soundtrack and Designated Survivor.

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