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It’s been roughly three years since Nickelodeon announced it was reviving cult comedy Rocko’s Modern Life for a TV movie, and two years since we got our first glimpse of it. Now, Netflix, who will air the special, has shared a new teaser, as well as a release date of August 9.  

Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling finds Rocko and his pals, Heffer and Philbert, returning to Earth after 20 years in outer space. But, as tends to happen across multiple decades, things aren’t how they remember, and the gang will scratch their head at thoroughly modern inventions like food trucks and O-Town’s riff on the iPhone, the O-Phone. This all, of course, has us wondering how the animators will confront the musical plague of O-Town, who also flourished (and flamed out) as Rocko was orbiting the stars. However things shake out, we can expect plenty of satire—as EW points out, King-Of-A-Lot-O-Comics is now an instant-print kiosk, leaving our beloved wallaby is without a job. Sure sounds like 2019 to us!


The below clip, shared by Netflix, teases some “mutated badgers,” which may or may not have been spawned by an energy drink-fueled toxic waste spill. Rocko, meanwhile, is a focus of adoration in O-Town, though he doesn’t seem entirely sure as to why. “I just wanted my show back!” he screams as he’s lifted in their arms.

Creator Joe Murray returned to oversee the special, as did original voice actors Carlos Alazraqui, Tom Kenny, Mr. Lawrence, Charlie Adler, and Linda Wallem. Adventure Time and Eastbound And Down’s Steve Little, meanwhile, will bring some fresh spunk to the proceedings.

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