Edwin Starr might finally have an answer to his famous query, as what war appears to be good for these days is serving as grist for comedy. Tina Fey’s Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, in which she’ll be pretend-reporting from Afghanistan, is due out in March, and now Netflix has announced that Ricky Gervais’ remake of Special Correspondents will premiere on April 29. The war satire, adapted from the 2009 French original, will also see Gervais and Eric Bana as pretend-reporters; Bana will play a disgraced radio journalist who’s a little too faint of heart to actually cover a political uprising in Ecuador, so he and Gervais fake their own kidnapping, which they report on from the relative safety of a Queens apartment (some people will do anything to get out of fact checking). Gervais wrote and directed the remake, which also stars Vera Farmiga, Kelly Macdonald, America Ferrera, and Kevin Pollak.