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Well, now we know what Chris Tucker’s been up to all this time: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has scooped up his debut hour-long stand-up special and plans to release it July 10. Chris Tucker Live, thus named to leave zero room for confusion regarding its subject, covers a range of material that spans from Tucker’s childhood all the way to his reign as Hollywood royalty. The special was filmed at Fox Theatre in the actor’s hometown of Atlanta, and directed by Phil Joanou as the first project under Tucker’s production company, Chris Tucker Entertainment.


It’s good to see Tucker moving onto other gigs now that his famously loud Detective Carter role has been recast for the upcoming Rush Hour TV show. And Netflix is likely proud to add another big-name special to its exclusive comedy catalogue, which has been growing nicely as of late. Yes, he qualifies as a big name—as it turns out, films starring Chris Tucker have grossed over a billion dollars globally, so there’s only one logical conclusion to make. Say it with us: Chris Tucker is a very successful person.

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