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Netflix says the Stranger Things soundtrack is “coming soon”

Stranger Things

Netflix’s summer hit Stranger Things gets a lot of things right: the air of childhood mystery, the nostalgic vibe, the inherent creepiness of Matthew Modine. But its greatest triumph may be the strength of its perfectly period-appropriate soundtrack. (How many other Netflix shows leave us not only not skipping the opening credits, but actively flipping back to watch them over and over again?) Featuring a thoroughly ’80s set of songs compiled by music supervisor Nora Felder, and a gorgeous synth score from Austin-based musicians Survive (stylized S U R V I V E), the show’s music has had fans asking when an official album would be coming, ever since the show dropped on the streaming service earlier this month. Now, we finally have an answer—albeit one infused with the series’ usual heavy dose of obfuscating ambiguity.


The Official Soundtrack is apparently “coming soon,” according to a post on the Stranger Things Facebook page today. But for those of us with an immediate need for more Toto and quasi-mystical thrumming in our lives, options are, luckily, available. The show’s social media team has assembled a Spotify playlist of the most prominent songs on the soundtrack, including the Clash’s plot-pivital “Should I Stay Or Should I Go.” Meanwhile, motivated at least in part by the success of their music for the show, Survive has announced it’s preparing to release its first album. RR7349 is out September 30 on Relapse Records; in the meantime, you can hear more of the band’s music on its Soundcloud page.

[via FACT]

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