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Netflix says happy birthday to Sense8 by giving it a second season


Andy and Lana Wachowski’s Netflix series Sense8 hinges on the psychic interconnection between a group of eight people who all happen to share the same birthday—August 8 (or 8/8—the show really, really likes the number 8), which happens to be today. It turns out that the birthday imagery surrounding this particular date isn’t entirely fictional, though, because Netflix has announced that it’s giving the series the most exciting birthday gift an experimental sci-fi drama can get: a second season.

The show’s cast, including Doona Bae, Jamie Clayton, and Brian J. Smith, all hopped onto social media to wish their fictional counterparts a happy birthday, before dropping the announcement that they’ll be returning for a second season. (As befits the show’s globetrotting premise, none of the actors were together for the announcement, with Bae apparently recording her portion in a park somewhere in Paris.)


There were concerns about whether Sense8 would be returning for a second season; it’s been a while since anyone trusted the Wachowskis with any sort of sequel, after all, and Netflix usually announces that it’s renewing shows within a month of the previous season dropping. It’s unclear whether the show was sitting on some sort of hypothetical Netflix bubble in the two months since it was released, or if the service was just waiting for the significant date to make the announcement. There’s no information yet about when the second season of Sense8 will come out, or if it’ll be another 12 episodes, with the video only promising that it’s “coming soon.”

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