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Netflix’s The Defenders to finally teach Daredevil the value of teamwork

"And stay there until you've learned how to play with others."

Season two of Daredevil ended on a bit of a down note, at least if you were a fan of the chemistry between the three main good guys of the series. (Spoilers to follow, flying faster than Nobu’s hook.) The law firm of Nelson & Murdock was dissolved, Karen left to work for the paper, and Matt Murdock effectively alienated everyone who ever gave a shit about him. Apparently, young Matt was asleep the day Sesame Street taught how to play with others, because in spite of all evidence to the contrary, the devil of Hell’s Kitchen decided his fight against crime would be more effective if he had no network or support system to fall back on. Maybe someone should tell him Batman’s a secret billionaire and has a butler caring for his every need?

Anyway, Charlie Cox thinks Matt’s lunkheaded “better off alone” sickness is going to receive a strong dose of teamwork medicine. During a panel at Wizard World in Chicago this past weekend, the actor talked about how Daredevil’s presence in the upcoming superhero team-up series The Defenders will alter the character’s understanding of his mission. “Going into The Defenders, Matt is gonna have to learn he needs help,” says the actor, in a video of the panel posted online by YouTuber ChristineDoesCons. “He can’t do all this alone, and maybe some teamwork is gonna be beneficial. So, whatever lessons he learns in The Defenders will then play into—I think—season three.”


Given how little we—or the cast, as it turns out, if you watch the whole thing—know about the third season of Daredevil, Cox’s comments are mostly based on how throughly each Netflix show set in the MCU has thus far managed to integrate and balance every other series. Making sure the timelines, plots, and events from each separate show play out and are felt in the others is reportedly a major concern, and Cox says it’s “really cool” how studiously the showrunners are keeping all that clear behind the scenes. Of course, he also says the only famous person he’d be willing to wait in a long Wizard World-style line to meet is Nelson Mandela, so clearly the guy’s ideas about priorities are all out of whack.

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