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It’s no great revelation to say that our lives have become so dependent on technology we’re helpless without it. Who among us hasn’t lost his or her shit when the wi-fi went out for a few hours? But not all technological glitches are catastrophic, even by first world standards. Some are downright comical, like the bug Washington, D.C.-based computer programmer Bob Lannon discovered on his TV’s Netflix app. The bug causes the last sentence of a program summary to be switched with the last line of the next program’s summary, resulting in such jarring third-act shifts as “Director Sophie Fiennes and philosopher Slavoj Zizek journey into the epicenter of ideology through their interpretations of a need to battle the Green Goblin.” Netflix has yet to address the error, but that’s all the better for Lannon, who collects the amusing glitches on his @SummaryBug Twitter account and on the SummaryBug Tumblr page. They’re pretty great, and must do battle with sinister forces from another dimension.


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