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Netflix’s Lost In Space finds Will Robinson and his dad

Black Sails

As reported by Deadline, Netflix has cast two more members of the Robinson family for its remake of classic ‘60s TV series Lost In Space. Just yesterday, we reported that Falling Skies’ Taylor Russell would be playing teenaged daughter Judy Robinson, and now we know that she’ll be joined by Black Sails’ Toby Stephens and Sense8’s Maxwell Jenkins. Stephens will be playing John Robinson, the dad of the Robinson family and the leader of the doomed mission that sees them—spoiler alert—lost in space. Jenkins will be playing the all-important role of Will Robinson, the youngest member of the crew and the one who most often finds his life in danger, requiring the family’s trusty robot to flail his arms and call for help.

The new Lost In Space still has a handful of important roles to cast, perhaps most notably that of the villainous and whiny Dr. Smith, a stowaway on the Robinson family’s mission who causes them to—again, spoiler alert—get lost in space. Also, the 10-episode series isn’t set to come out until 2018, so maybe by then the robot can just be played by an actual robot.


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