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Netflix reportedly interested in bringing back Jericho, again

Like a genie who only grants mediocre wishes, Netflix has used the recent surge of power it's received from bringing Arrested Development back from the dead to look at reviving other canceled shows except for those you most long for, because they would be difficult and expensive. Hence, TV Guide reports that it's now looking into bringing back Jericho, the post-apocalyptic drama whose fervent viewers managed to set the standard for all future "do this random thing and it will matter somehow" fan campaigns by actually getting it a second season, only to have it cancelled anew once CBS realized the audience that sent them peanuts was loud yet unquestionably small. Nevertheless, CBS Studios is reportedly encouraged by the fact that Jericho reruns remain popular on Netflix, and that nobody else really wants to work with Skeet Ulrich right now. Anyway, a reminder that—as with previous announcements about reviving Reno 911, Terra Nova, and The River—these talks are preliminary, as well as annoyingly not about the stuff everyone's been demanding for years, like Firefly or Veronica Mars.


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