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Netflix renews Lost In Space for a third and final season

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Photo: Lost In Space (Netflix)

Netflix’s revival of classic sci-fi series Lost In Space is about to get lost in space… or maybe found in space? Either way, the streaming service announced that it will be bringing the show to an end after one more season. As noted by Deadline, Lost In Space was a hit when its first season landed in 2018 (partially thanks to the subset of viewers who wanted to have sex with the robot), earning a spot on Netflix’s list of its best premiere-day ratings alongside the second season of Stranger Things and Bright. The second season didn’t get as much attention, but Netflix is presumably hoping that getting out ahead and saying “hey, this is it for Lost In Space!” will give this third and final season a boost.

No matter what happens, it’ll be good news for showrunner Zack Estrin, who signed a “multi-year overall deal” to develop new content for Netflix. Estrin also released a statement about how this Lost In Space was always planned as “a trilogy” with a “clear beginning, middle, and end.” We don’t know much about what will happen in season three, but it will have a “rousing conclusion” for the Robinson family, the robot, and Debbie The Chicken. Netflix put out a little teaser picture on Twitter with the robot’s face turning into a three, which you can see below.

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