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Katee Sackhoff in Longmire

Reminding people that it’s for everybody, not just weirdo prison fetishists and people into self-destructive cartoon horses, Netflix has renewed Longmire for yet another season. The streaming service rescued the Western series—a lone bastion of common sense and realism in a world beset by sinister Kevins Spacey and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidts—from cancellation last year, after A&E decided it was time to part ways with Robert Taylor’s grizzled, widowed sheriff, and his cast of troubled deputies and shifty usual suspects.

Look, we’re not going to bullshit you: We don’t watch Longmire. There’s a good chance you don’t watch Longmire, either. But someone does (we assume; Netflix keeps its viewing numbers famously close to its chest, but 47,000 people have liked the renewal announcement on the show’s Facebook page so far), and they’re going to be pretty happy to hear about this. So for once, let’s just try to bask vicariously in their joy, and in the warming knowledge that our old friends Lou Diamond Philips and Katee Sackhoff both have a guaranteed paycheck for this next stretch of winding Wyoming road.


[via Deadline]

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