BoJack Horseman

Here’s some news that will delight and otherwise briefly distract you from the emptiness of life: Netflix has renewed BoJack Horseman for a fourth season of animal puns, Hollywoo send-ups, and gaping at the twin maws of depression and discontent. Word of the renewal broke on BoJack’s Twitter page; we just hope the tweet wasn’t the result of another late-night cough-syrup-and-vodka smoothie.


The third season is already streaming on Netflix, and is proving to the best ever. Much has been made (including by The A.V. Club) of the show’s nuanced take on depression, but if that’s giving some prospective viewers pause, please be assured that it’s also fucking hilarious and is pretty much mandatory viewing. We’d also like to reassure you BoJack fans that TV Club coverage of the show will ride again, with Les Chappell taking over the reins. He’ll be holding our hands through his reviews of the 12-episode season, which will be posted every other day to TV Club. So don’t worry, we’re going to get/laugh through this together.