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Netflix releases trailer for The Man Without Gravity, trailer slowly floats away

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Screenshot: Netflix (YouTube)

Today, Netflix released the trailer for a film that asks the question, “What would happen if a person was born who defied the laws of gravity in a completely literal way, like even before they cut the umbilical cord and stuff?” The answer seems to be, “That person would wear a backpack and eventually maybe get famous.”

The feature debut of documentarian Marco Bonfanti (The Last Shepherd, Bozzetto non troppo), The Man Without Gravity follows Oscar (Elio Germano, La nostra vita) from his days as a kid keeping his scientifically-bewildering power a secret, to an adulthood in which he longs to take off his weighted backpack and fully live his life. Bonfanti, who co-wrote both the story and the screenplay (with Fabrizio Bozzetti and Giulio Carrieri respectively), seems to take both the story and its visual language in some unexpected directions; we’ll know more when it arrives on Netflix on November 1.

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