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Netflix releases some stylish teaser images from its new She-Ra cartoon

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Welcome to Development Hell, the fiery pit into which we fling recent developments in casting, distribution, and everything else that’s new and mildly interesting in the Boschian phantasmagoria of the entertainment industry.

Social media is having a lot of fun with Donald Trump’s claim that he “misspoke” when he decided to side with Vladimir Putin over the United States’ own intelligence experts, a claim that involved Trump writing “THERE WAS NO COLUSION” in black marker on his prepared statements (yes, he spelled it wrong), but we already have mountains of evidence that Trump is the stupidest person alive. So, instead of wasting another second on that asshole, let’s spend some time talking about some of that sweet, sweet pop culture news we all crave so much.

  • Netflix has released the first images of its She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power revival (see above for one), and it definitely looks cooler and fresher than the old ‘80s cartoon. Naturally, some people on the internet are mad about that, but some people on the internet are always mad about everything anyway and we don’t really care. Netflix’s Voltron was pretty good, and this is coming from Lumberjanes’ Noelle Stevenson, so it’ll also probably be good. [via Deadline]
  • Having killed off Han Solo and said goodbye to Rick Deckard, Harrison Ford can now return to his true love: Playing non-sci-fi curmudgeons. He’s reportedly in talks to star in a remake of Call Of The Wild from The Croods director Chris Sanders, playing experienced outdoorsman Jack Thornton (who has been played by Clark Gable and Charlton Heston in previous adaptation). [via Variety]
  • Netflix has picked up the rights to Illang: The Wolf Brigade, a live-action adaptation of anime movie Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade from South Korean director Kim Jee-woon. The original took place in an alternate-history version of Japan and was a sequel to the live-action films The Red Spectacles and Stray Dog: Kerberos Panzer Cops, but this new version will move the action to a dystopian South Korea and will presumably jettison the Kerberos Saga connections. [via Variety]
  • Veep’s Chris Addison and Will Smith (not the Will Smith) are developing a fantasy detective series called Warlock Holmes, which is the best title in the history of titles. That’s not the final name, unfortunately, but once you’ve written down Warlock Holmes how could you ever come up with something better? It’s not like Arthur Conan Doyle is going to complain, and even if he were still alive, his reaction would obviously be “Go for it dudes, that name is fucking rad.” [via Deadline]
  • People tend to be critical of spin-offs that give a backstory to a character in a movie that never really needed a backstory, but that’s all going to change with Toto, an animated take on Wizard Of Oz from the dog’s point of view. The world’s love for a heckin good 13/10 doggo is stronger than its hatred for needless remakes and reboots—at least in theory. We’ll see if it really works out like that. [via The Hollywood Reporter]
  • We’ve heard of shows based on comic books, but shows based on paintings? That’s the wild scenario Amazon is putting us in, as it has announced a new project called Tales From The Loop that is based on the art of Swedish painter Simon Stålenhag. The show comes from Legion writer Nathaniel Halpern, and it will take some inspiration from the way Stålenhag’s paintings combine life in rural Sweden with high-tech sci-fi future stuff. [via Variety]
  • It’s not the sequel that everyone is trying to get made, but The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants is coming back as a stage musical. Blue Spruce Productions has picked up the rights and is going to begin developing the project, but it’s so early at this point that we don’t know anything else. Maybe it’ll involve a pair of pants that magically fits a group of best friends? [via Variety]

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