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Netflix released the new season of Orange Is The New Black a few hours early

Orange Is The New Black

With its wild and crazy ideas about TV show distribution already disrupting the entertainment world, Netflix has developed a reputation for shaking things up. This latest shakeup ranks pretty low on the Wild And Crazy scale, but it’s still a nice surprise for Netflix users: At the OrangeCon event tonight in New York—promoting the third season of Orange Is The New Black—Netflix’s Reed Hastings made the totally unplanned decision (which was not at all a slick PR move) to release the aforementioned season of Orange Is The New Black a few hours early.

It was supposed to hit Netflix tonight at midnight, but it’s available now, a full six hours or so early. There’s not much else to say here, so get to your preferred Netflix device and start binge-watching! We’ll be here when you get back. Maybe.


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