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Netflix pumps the breaks on RuPaul's road trip comedy AJ And The Queen after 1 season

Illustration for article titled Netflix pumps the breaks on RuPauls road trip comedy iAJ And The Queen/i after 1 season
Photo: Beth Dubber (Netflix)

RuPaul’s misfit buddy dramedy AJ And The Queen had barely made its way down the interstate before Netflix decided to pull the plug. The drag performer and series co-creator announced the sudden cancellation on Twitter today, stating that “Netflix has decided to not extend [their] road trip across America” after only one season. The show began streaming all ten episodes on January 10.  


RuPaul starred as Ruby Red, a drag performer poised for retirement until his savings were stolen. Determined to make his money back, he hits the road with a straight-shooting 10-year-old named AJ to perform at night clubs around the country. The pair travel across America in a dingy van, and through their interactions with a gaggle of Drag Race alumni spread messages of love and family. Our own Liz Shannon Miller described AJ And The Queen as “a charming sitcom showcase for the man beneath the wigs” As of now, there are no available details surrounding the streaming platform’s decision.  

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