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Netflix picks up the Latino One Day At A Time remake

One Day At A Time (the old one)

About a year ago, we reported that Sony was in talks with legendary TV producer Norman Lear about developing a new version of one of Lear’s classic sitcoms, One Day At A Time. The twist would be that it would feature an all-Latino cast this time around, instead of a bunch of white people (which is pretty clichéd at this point). Now, Deadline is reporting that Netflix has picked up the One Day At A Time remake with a 13-episode straight-to-series order. As was the plan, this version will center on a Cuban-American family, led by a “recently separated former military mom who is navigating a new single life while raising her radical teenaged daughter and socially adept tween son.” The woman’s “old school Cuban-born mom” will also be there, and Deadline says she’ll be played by Rita Moreno.

With this and Fuller House, it seems like Netflix is hoping to pad out its existing prestige-ish dramas, superhero shows, and murderer documentaries with more traditional sitcom fare that, in theory, appeals to a wider audience. There’s no word on when One Day At A Time will premiere, but considering how many other shows Netflix has in the works, it probably won’t be for a while.


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