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If you follow the path that Tina Fey and Robert Carlock have charted since 30 Rock, you’ll see a gradual separation from what we would consider “actual reality.” 30 Rock took place in a wackier version of our world, with recognizable fixtures like NBC and Brian Williams, but their follow-up, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, had robots and cult bunkers and an absolute force of nature named Titus Andromedon. The duo’s next show (which also features Kimmy Schmidt writer Sam Means) is jumping even further into fantasy, telling a story about humanity’s struggle to rebuild society after aliens destroy the planet. It’s called Mulligan, and it’ll be an animated comedy that focuses on people trying to figure out how to “get it right this time” and also if anyone knows “how to, like, farm.”

Netflix has ordered 20 episodes of the show, which is a lot, but something like this probably benefits from having a lot of room to establish its world and its sense of humor.


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