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Canada has been called many things throughout its long and noble history: “The Great White North.” “The Beaver.” “America’s Hat.” But soon, our North American neighbor will finally be able to lay claim to an especially elusive title: “Home To A Survivalist Thriller TV Show Starring The Best Friend From iCarly.”


If you’ve ever watched Nickelodeon hit Sam & Cat and thought to yourself, “Boy, I’d really love to see Sam running for her life,” you’re in luck. Variety that Netflix has cut a three-way deal to stream the original series Between starring Jennette McCurdy, debuting it the same date as its Canadian TV and subscription VOD premiere. Between is the story of a town plagued by an unknown disease that’s killed all its inhabitants—everybody, that is, “except for those 21 years old and younger.” Basically it’s like Village Of The Damned only with really lazy kids, just letting some dumb disease do all the hard work for them. The first season will premiere in standard Netflix style, with all six of the first season’s episodes posted simultaneously.

The show is the brainchild of writer-director Michael McGowan, creator of Still Mine, One Week, Saint Ralph, and other Canadian hits Americans have likely never heard of until reading this very sentence. It will be McCurdy’s first television series since Sam & Cat was canceled earlier this year, in the wake of some unpleasant business involving racy lingerie photos that leaked online and the career advancements of McCurdy’s co-star—someone named Ariana Grande—that may have also had a tiny bit to do with it.

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