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Netflix picks up Australian animated comedy about undercover cops

(Image: Working Dog Productions)

According to Variety, Netflix has just picked up the rights to Pacific Heat, an animated comedy from Australia—or “dee-own undah” as the locals call it—about undercover cops “working on the glitzy Gold Coast.” These aren’t just regular undercover cops, though, because they do their job “in an unconventional and uncompromising manner,” and they’re “not afraid to operate outside the law.” If that sounds like almost every cop show ever, it’s because that’s pretty much the idea. Australian comedian Rob Sitch—who stars as Special Agent Todd Sommerville—says they basically made an homage to as many cop shows as they could, adding that the tone is like “The A-Team, Hawaii Five-0, and Charlie’s Angles,” crossed with South Park and Family Guy. (The story doesn’t specifically mention Archer, but we imagine there’s some Archer in there.)

You can see a promo image for Pacific Heat up above, and the show itself will premiere on December 2.


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