Mr. Show

Rejoice and hail Satan, Mr. Show fans—Deadline reports that Netflix has ordered a new sketch comedy series from Bob Odenkirk and David Cross. Netflix has ordered four episodes of the half-hour sketch show, cheekily dubbed With Bob And David, as well as an hourlong “making of” documentary. Here’s the official description:

After being dishonorably discharged from the Navy SEALs, Bob and David are back serving our country the way they do best, making sketch comedy. Four half-hours of brand new comedy featuring all new characters, all new scenes, and most importantly, all new wigs.


This announcement comes after Mr. Show alum Paul F. Tompkins tweeted a picture of himself and the Mr. Show gang hard at work on a mysterious new project earlier this year. At the time, Cross told The A.V. Club that the group was meeting “in anticipation of being able to do (something?) to mark the twentieth anniversary of Mr. Show.”

Maybe this is that thing, or maybe there are more things coming; Deadline says that Cross and Odenkirk will be the only regular cast members on With Bob And David, but that it’s “likely that a lot of their friends, including some big names, would make an appearance.” It also says that Cross and Odenkirk will write and executive produce as well as star, with Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim also on the list of executive producers. Regardless, new Bob and David sketches are coming, and that’s an exciting thing.


Odenkirk will film With Bob And David during his hiatus from Better Call Saul, which is currently in the midst of its second-season pickup. Cross, of course, has already worked with Netflix on the fourth season of Arrested Development. “Choo-Choo” the Hurkey Jerky Dancer could not be reached for comment.