Having recently made its first foray into adult animation with a series about a cartoon horse stuck in the ‘90s, the streaming service has ordered a new animated series about a cartoon family stuck in the ‘70s. Called F Is For Family, the show will be a “family comedy” based on the standup of Bill Burr, which totally works if you come from the kind of family prone to complaining about political correctness run amok (as many of us do).

F Is For Family will—as previously mentioned—take place in the ‘70s, “a time when you could smack your kid, smoke inside and bring a gun to the airport.” Burr will voice the Murphy family patriarch, with Laura Dern as his presumably long-suffering wife and Justin Long as his oldest son. Burr and Simpsons writer Michael Price will executive produce alongside Vince Vaughn, who calls Burr “the funniest, most original voice out there.” Plot details are not yet available, but shouting, Irish jokes, and at least one self-referential Breaking Bad gag are probable.