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Photo: John P. Fleenor (Netflix)

In June, Netflix renewed Lucifer for a fifth and final season, giving the once-discarded Fox show a chance to finish the story of Satan’s career helping the LAPD solve murders (as told in the Bible). At some point after that, Netflix confirmed that the final season would be 10 episodes long, which is the same as season four, but now Netflix wants slightly more Lucifer than it initially planned for. According to Deadline, Netflix has ordered six more episodes for Lucifer’s fifth season, bringing the run of final episodes up to 16—or six-six-sixteen if you want to get sacrilegious with it.


Deadline says that this little boost may have something to do with Lucifer’s big online fan community, which has put up a fight every time the show’s end has appeared to be in sight. Still, executive producer Ildy Modrovich doesn’t want anyone to take the show’s upcoming conclusion as a reason to keep yelling at Netflix or Fox, saying, “while we feel just as sad as many of you do that this marvelous ride is coming to an end, a fight won’t change things right now.” In other words, just let the show die in peace.

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