(Screengrab: Flixtape)

Having already bestowed upon the romance-seeking population the “Netflix and chill” overture—the success rate of which remains debatable—the streaming company is now offering a mixtape feature that can be used to fling woo from a distance. Flixtape lets you create a movie/TV show playlist to win others over with your good taste, send someone a damning goodbye, or just convey whatever mood “girls’ night in” is.


You can let Flixtape work its magic without much input from you, in which case, you could end up with the “Mom And Pop Flixtape,” which will almost certainly never be hacked and replaced with sex tapes. Other pre-selected options include the “Couch University”—which is missing PCU, oddly enough—and the “Summertime” Flixtape. Or you can just type in a prompt that will get the Netflix application’s juices flowing, such as “cartoons for grown ups,” which nets you BoJack Horseman, Archer, and Family Guy (two of three isn’t bad). But in either case, you are able add to the playlist, as well as customize a cover with “doodles” to ensure maximum twee-ness.

Finally, this wouldn’t be much of a mix/Flixtape if it couldn’t be shared, so there’s the option to do so via Twitter and Facebook (as a private message, public post, etc.). But it’s on you to decide what to pair with Arrested Development.