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Netflix might be addicted to shows about Pablo Escobar

Narcos (via Netflix)

We remember what it was like when Netflix first started coming around with Narcos, its Pablo Escobar TV show. It seemed fun, then, and maybe a little dangerous. (Heck, maybe it was fun because it was a little dangerous.) In any case, it livened up the streaming service’s schedule, and made it more fun to talk about at parties. And sure, we rolled our eyes when Netflix renewed the show for season 2. We made snide little jokes to hide our nervousness about all this new Pablo paraphernalia. But it’s not like Netflix had a problem, or anything.

Now, Deadline is reporting that the service has ordered Surviving Pablo Escobar for itself, meaning it might be time to confront the ugly truth: Netflix is addicted to shows about Pablo Escobar, and it has been for a while.


The new series—which Netflix is licensing from Colombia’s Caracol TV—is based on a book by John Jairo Velasquez, the guy who killed hundreds of people as the leader of the drug lord’s team of personal assassins. (He’s also, in a truly bizarre modern media move, a modest YouTube star, regaling his 120,000 subscribers with a mixture of penitence and stories of his bloody kills.) The series is still in development in Colombia, meaning it probably won’t be out by the time Narcos’ second season comes out in September. But then, that’s a classic case of Pablo-based paranoia for you: Netflix clearly wants its next fix of Colombian murder shenanigans in place before its current supply runs out.

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