In news certain to send the nation’s senior citizens to the phones, imploring their beleaguered grandchildren to “come do the Netflixes,” Deadline reports that the streaming service is in negotiations to pick up a fourth season of Longmire. The Wyoming-set detective series, a favorite among older viewers and stoned Battlestar Galactica fans patiently waiting for Katee Sackhoff to stop arresting ranch hands and get back in her spaceship, was canceled earlier this year by A&E.

Sources caution that negotiations between Netflix and the show’s producer, Warner Horizon, have been “tricky.” Sounds like a job for series star Robert Taylor, who could bust in, kick an ass or two, and then dispense some frontier wisdom to the assembled executives. As his gravelly voice carries over them, their eyes will slowly close, comforted by a soft blanket of gravitas and conventional TV storytelling. Soon, they’ll be asleep in their chairs, the flickering TVs before them now unheeded, and Longmire will have returned, spiritually resurrected by this recreation of its fans’ most cherished viewing ritual.