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British sci-fi/horror series Black Mirror was already a big hit around the world before it premiered on American Netflix, but it really hit a wave of positive buzz when it started streaming here. Apparently the idea of futuristic technology and societal trends being twisted into something so dark that it makes you wonder if the sun will ever shine again really appeals to people. Or, to put it another way, the very first episode centers on a politician being forced to have sex with an animal, and viewers were still like, “Yes please, I want more of that.”


Unfortunately, two seasons and a Christmas special were all we got of that, but England’s Radio Times (via The Independent) is reporting that Netflix might actually be bringing Black Mirror back for a third season. There’s no word from Netflix yet, so this isn’t official. But a move like this isn’t too surprising when you consider how much the show got people talking on Twitter and the like when it premiered on Netflix initially. Plus, then the show could do an official Netflix-branded episode about someone’s life being ruined by streaming movies. That’d be fun!

Also, there’s no word on how this will effect/if it’s related to the American adaptation of Black Mirror we reported on earlier this year.

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