Although Netflix recently took its brother Qwikster behind the barn and smothered it in infancy, JUST SO YOU WOULD LOVE IT AGAIN, it appears that the damage may have been done. The company’s recent, dark and confusing quarter resulted in a loss of 810,000 subscribers, all of them bailing out of frustration with the raise in membership price, confusion over its vacillating on splitting into two websites, or just to avoid getting another increasingly cloying email from Reed Hastings. All in all it would seem that the public view of Netflix, once so rosy, has been stuck on “determining picture quality” for like a month now. I mean, what the hell? What are you determining anyway? Despite the loss and the panic-selling it induced in company shareholders (resulting in a 31-percent plummet in stock value), Netflix has tried to spin this into a positive day, announcing official plans to expand in the U.K. and Ireland, countries who might better appreciate some of the streaming freedom Americans seem to take for granted and also don’t want to pay extra money for.