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Netflix just can’t quit The Ranch

The Ranch

Keeping Ashton Kutcher on people’s computer screens—and Sam Elliott in his much-needed supplies of mustache wax and throat gravel—for another year, Netflix has announced that it’s renewing The Ranch for a second season. The show—which is either the story of a retired football player returning to his rural home, or a couple of That ’70s Show actors scamming a streaming service into funding a “Hey, let’s catch up!” session, depending on your point of view—already had 10 more episodes in the works this year, and will now return in 2017.

Produced by Two And A Half Men’s Don Reo and Jim Patterson, the series stars Kutcher, Elliott, Danny Masterson, and Debra Winger as a family of ranchers, attempting to navigate their work, family, and dating lives in a small Colorado town. Described as a “red state sitcom,” the show has been lain into pretty mercilessly by critics, a drubbing which doesn’t seem to have deterred people from watching. (Or at least, that’s what we can assume, given the renewal notice, and Netflix’s famous reticence to release its actual viewing numbers.)


Kutcher, Elliott and Masterson released a video making the announcement on Twitter, which is a real treat for anyone who’s ever wanted to watch Sam Elliott awkwardly fire finger guns.

[via Variety]

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