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Netflix is willing to do more Arrested Development because everything is fine

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Clearly hoping to put a brave face on what the Associated Press has already exposed as the Great Arrested Development Stock Crash Of 2013, Netflix now says it’s open to doing more seasons of Arrested Development, despite previously suggesting this current reunion would just be a one-time thing. “If the talent were willing to do more… I’m sure we would be willing,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said yesterday, presumably while standing in a puddle of flop-sweat-soaked ticker-tape and the crumpled bodies of despairing investors it was far too late to save. It’s a slight reversal of what Hastings has said before regarding going forward with the show, and there’s still no official plan for future episodes, nor the long-promised movie that Mitch Hurwitz has said would be the next (and possibly final) chapter of what he’s indicated will be a three-act story. But should the Arrested Development team wish to return to Netflix, the streaming service definitely seems open to it, because everything about Arrested Development at Netflix is totally fine and the future is looking bright, yes sir. Don't jump.


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