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Netflix is very sorry for killing Sense8, which is absolutely dead

(Photo: Netflix/Murray Close)

Suggesting that the streaming service hasn’t quite built up the necessary bloodlust required to really murder a TV show just yet, Netflix has issued an apology to fans of Sense8, explaining that, petitions and protests or not, the series isn’t coming back. “To our Sense8 family…” the service wrote on the show’s Facebook wall. “We’ve seen the petitions. We’ve read the messages. We know you want to #RenewSense8, and we wish we could #BringBackSense8 for you. The reason we’ve taken so long to get back to you is because we’ve thought long and hard here at Netflix to try to make it work but unfortunately we can’t. Thank you for watching and hope you’ll stay close with your cluster around the world. #SensatesForever” (But, again, not really, because the series is well and truly dead.)

Given Netflix’s position as the place that usually resurrects shows, not kills them, it’s understandable that people might hope for a last minute reprieve for the Wachowski-created series. But Netflix primed fans for the idea earlier this month, with CEO Reed Hastings telling reporters he’s ready to start releasing riskier, less sure-fire hits. Along those same lines, the company has currently invested billions in content acquisition for the coming year, with a recent Variety analysis suggesting that the company is now burning through its cash reserves in an effort to provide more original content and massively bulk up its subscriber base.

[via Vulture]


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