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Netflix is sticking to its Santa Clarita Diet

Photo: Netflix

Fans of Santa Clarita Diet had a little cause for concern when Netflix didn’t immediately pick up the show for a second season when the first wrapped back in mid-February. After all, few outlets show much restraint in green-lighting more episodes when a show is even a modest hit these days, and stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant killed it on the first season of the pitch-black comedy. They play Sheila and Joel Hammond, a married couple of varying degrees of happiness. Sheila’s sudden taste for human flesh both strains and invigorates their relationship, and leads to all manner of blood-soaked hijinks.

Apparently, Netflix was just letting everyone digest the first outing, because the streaming platform’s just announced that the Hammonds will continue to wreak havoc in suburbia.

Santa Clarita Diet’s writers are reportedly already working on scripts and stories for season two, which Netflix indicates will premiere in 2018.


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