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Netflix is raising prices for subscribers pretty soon

Citing the desire to continue “improving the content selection on Netflix and broadening it,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced today that the company will likely increase the prices for its streaming services by $1 or $2 per month, sometime “later this quarter.” However, as a reward for existing customers who have remained loyal to Netflix, often to the detriment of their hygiene and interpersonal relationships, Hastings said current subscribers will be able to keep their $7.99-a-month price for a “generous time period” after prices for new customers go up—so, if you’re still thinking about signing up for Netflix, maybe go ahead and take the plunge. (You should also check out one of those “smartphones”; they can send emails!) Hastings added that he wants to “be sure we grandfather” existing Netflix customers, presumably referring to how subscribers emerge from watching all nine seasons of The X-Files to discover they’re grandfathers now.


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