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Netflix is pulling the plug on all your dumb user reviews

Photo: Ted Soqui (Getty Images)

Finally acknowledging that one of the world’s most expensively tuned content selection algorithms probably doesn’t need your dumbshit take on The Princess Diaries gumming up its works, Netflix has announced that it’ll soon be discontinuing user-written reviews for its various streaming offerings. Per Variety, the company will slowly be phasing out its member reviews system over the next two months, shutting off the ability to add new reviews on July 30, and deleting all of the existing ones sometime in mid-August.

Netflix says it’s mostly getting rid of the function because it doesn’t get much use—a claim that is, admittedly, pretty well borne out by the fact that it just took us 5 minutes of clicking around the service’s web site to even figure out how to leave one. (We’d write out a quick tutorial, but that level of applied pointlessness might be a little draining on a Friday afternoon.) It doesn’t help that the review functionality is only available for users sitting at their computers and logging into the company’s web site, and not on any of its mobile or TV-streaming-based setups. (Which is presumably why so many of the available reviews contain complaints like “I don’t like it when the pictures talk” and “Not enough films about sorghum.”)


Anyway, if you’re still desperate for a place to log your loud, often-angry opinions of a film or TV show in a place where you can regularly get into ugly fights about them, our comments sections—and, indeed, most of the rest of the internet—are still open and available.

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