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Netflix is out here goosing people into finding weird Bandersnatch endings

Screenshot: Bandersnatch (Netflix)

You may think you got the full experience of Black Mirror’s choose-your-own-adventure story Bandersnatch, but according to a recent, goading tweet from Netflix, there’s some stuff you probably missed. For those who haven’t yet watched the experimental streaming episode, Bandersnatch is an interactive experience that occasionally presents the viewer with binary choices that effect where the story goes. There are numerous, equally bleak endings you can reach based on your decisions, but at a certain point you kind of feel like you’ve seen them all and decide to jump to the credits. According to Netflix, that’s the worst decision you can make.


What this extremely low-key tweet seems to be saying is that it’s possible to get different or possibly secret endings in Bandersnatch if you make the same choice multiple times. In other words, they put a lot of work into their unique streaming experience and they sure would like it if you spent more time clicking around on their platform. Kudos to Netflix and the Black Mirror writers for devising a way to get people to watch the same content over and over, simply so they can say they’ve really seen it all.

But, on the off chance you don’t feel like starting up the episode again just to see where this particular path leads, one kind user has already shared the gory details on Twitter. Spoilers for one possible universe in Bandersnatch:

Try it for yourself and see if you get a different outcome. Or don’t. You’re the one in charge. You’re the one making the decisions. Right?

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