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Netflix is making a series about young Sigmund Freud fighting crime

Photo: Hans Casparius (Getty Images/Hulton Archive)

We love a good procedural here in the United States, almost as much as we love cigars, bananas, and other similarly shaped objects, but Netflix is developing a TV show for Austria, Belgium, Finland, and Hungary that sounds so much like an American procedural that we’re a little offended that the idea didn’t come from here. The show is called Freud, and it’s about young Sigmund Freud using his psychoanalysis abilities to try and catch a serial killer in 19th century Vienna, but it goes further than that.

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, Freud’s quest for justice involves him teaming up with two important sidekicks: A local Vienna cop and—wait for it—a medium. There was a time here on American TV when people who could talk to ghosts carried entire procedurals themselves, but now that’s so played out that Netflix needs to bring in Sigmund Freud on top of a cop and a medium. It’s like if Dumbledore was an integral part of the Castle team, which honestly just sounds like so much fun.


We don’t know if Freud will be coming over to American Netflix, but it will go into production later this year. Also, if this whole thing sounds familiar, it’s not just because you dreamed that it was having sex with your dad. Back in 2014, a Sigmund Freud cop show was in the works that would’ve been about an adult Freud solving mysteries while trying to make sense of his “tangled and provocative personal life.” That project obviously never got off the ground, presumably because they writers foolishly forgot to add a medium to the team.

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