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Photo: Ursula Coyote (Netflix)

According to Variety, Netflix has come up with a relatively unique way to promote its post-apocalyptic teen comedy Daybreak: A scripted podcast that takes place in the world of the show and centers around a group of survivors who, for some reason, decide to make a podcast. Variety says it will “branch off from” the show’s first season, implying that it ties in with the specific events of the show, but the story doesn’t offer many spoilers for what sort of exciting things are going to happen on this podcast about teenagers in the apocalypse recording a podcast.

The show will be called The Only Podcast Left, which is a pretty good name for any podcast, and it will be available exclusively on Spotify on November 7 until December 12, at which point it will be available on “all other platforms.” (Normally you have to wait for Disney to launch its own streaming service before Netflix is willing to put stuff on other platforms, and even then it’s usually easier to just kill it off beforehand.) We’re just excited to see what kind of coupon codes the post-apocalyptic mattress companies are using.


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