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Netflix is going back to camp with Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later

Netflix is keeping a promise made one macraméd summer in Lindsay, McKinley, and Susie’s youth by reuniting the Camp Firewood gang for a Wet Hot American Summer sequel. The streaming company has just issued a press release announcing the 8-episode series, which will take place ten years after the film, and not ten years after the First Day Of Camp, a distinction whose importance will undoubtedly be made clear soon enough. David Wain is set to direct the series, as well as co-write it with Michael Showalter. No cast members have been announced yet, but we’re pretty sure Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Michael Ian Black, and Bradley Cooper can play twentysomethings. Ten years later would set the show in 1991, so look forward to internet and grunge jokes (but the good kind).

Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later will be released sometime in 2017, so you’d better make it your beeswax to be there.

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